Connecting, problem solving, And healing through THE ARTS


Relationships, creativity, and  action are antidotes to burnout and cyclic struggling. Identify and amplify your strengths to transform, build, and grow. 

We Create to Relate is built on using the connective power of the arts and imagination to problem-solve and enact social justice. We structure workshops, interactive activities, and individual/group sessions that open up space for increasing collaborative sensibilities and belonging. We  center relationship-building, inquiry, reflection, and possibility. 

our mission

Identify and galvanize passion and creativity in your role and relationships through a personal, expansive, and heart-forward approach.

Our offerings reach leaders, learners, and practitioners in settings where our humanity, commitment to sustained change, and school-culture-climate are centered.

our offerings

Curriculum and Professional Development:
Integration of the arts and multimodal, multisensory learning activities

Team Building

Mission-alignment sessions with a heart-healing-social justice approach 

 Strength-based consultation for leaders, clinicians, school-based staff. 

For  homeschooling and unschooling teens
and their families.
Arts-infused, social -justice-centered learning